VPIX Medical, Inc announced residency at JLABS @ Shanghai

Link: https://jlabs.jnjinnovation.com/JLABSNavigator/company/VPIX_Medical

VPIX Medical, Inc announced today that, effective January 10th, 2022, it has become a resident of Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS @ Shanghai (‘JLABS’). The company is working toward empowering surgeons with a real-time in situ endomicroscopic imaging device​, which has the potential to help surgeons to determine malignancy and cancer type of a lesion before resection, leading to more accurate and faster surgical decisions, and better patient outcomes.

Cancer surgery is one of the most efficient treatments for early-stage cancer, but it is not without its downsides. While it varies depending on cancer types, around 4% to 65% of various common malignant cancers recur even after surgery. (Mahvi, 2018) On the other end of the spectrum, many patients suffer from functional loss and side effects stemming from unnecessarily excessive resection. “The main problem with cancer surgery is that a surgeon cannot precisely locate malignant cells during surgery,” said Dr. Shin-Hyuk Kang, co-founder at VPIX Medical. He added, “Surgeons are in a constant dilemma between how much to cut and how much to save because there is no device that provides visual guidance.”

Dr. Kyungmin Hwang and Professor[KR[1] Kang teamed up and started VPIX Medical, Inc. to solve this problem by utilizing Dr. Hwang’s miniaturized confocal endomicroscopy system. VPIX’s first product, cCeLL enables an unlimited number of digital microscopic images of lesions to be acquired immediately and non-invasively, providing critical information to surgeons to determine if and how much to resect. Dr. Hwang, named Forbes 30 under 30 in 2020 as CEO and co-founder at VPIX Medical, said, “I am glad that our vision has been viewed favorably by the business community. I am happy to join JLABS @ Shanghai as a way to gain more momentum toward the commercialization of cCeLL.”

VPIX has already secured GMP approval for Class I medical device in South Korea for in vitro applications and anticipates securing approval for Class[KR[2] III medical device from the KFDA for in vivo applications in 2022. At the same time, VPIX is planning to enter the US market by starting a registration process with the FDA in 2022.

VPIX Medical’s product pipeline envisions a continual evolution of the cCeLL platform expanding into applications such as intraoperative digital biopsy during cancer surgery, integration with surgical robot platforms, remote histological diagnosis through digital image transmission to the pathologist, and integration of artificial intelligence solutions. Dr. Hwang says, “With the powerful scalability of cCeLL, we are excited by the potential to bring our series of innovation to the world so that more patients can enjoy their lives even after cancer surgery with less recurrence and less unnecessary functional loss.

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