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About VPIX Medical

VPIX Medical, Inc. was officially established on December, 2016 by a Ph.D. candidate from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). VPIX Medical, Inc. has been engaged in providing a different way of observing cells through a state-of-art scanning method. Currently, VPIX Medical is developing a research instrument which can enhance biological and medical research by providing a solution for in-vivo imaging.

VPIX Medical is dedicated to developing a handheld microscope that can be used during cancer surgery. With this device, cells can be visualized in real-time without cutting, delivering, preparing, slicing and staining tumor tissues. By allowing surgeons, pathologists, and other surgical team members to observe cells in real-time during an oncology surgery, they can define a resection margin between the cancer cells and normal cells. This allows the surgery to be completed faster, which leads to faster recovery for patients and less tiredness for the medical team. Additionally, the hospital can receive more patients that need surgery, since the operation room would not be occupied longer than before.

The very first prototype has been developed and we are at the stage of upgrading the system according to the feedbacks that we have received from medical practitioners. Our microscopes for research use are planned to be developed by the end of this year. We are looking forward for providing a dramatic in-vivo imaging experience for the researchers using our product.

Ultimately with an intended goal, this device could save time of an operation and allow doctors to find the best place to cut to remove a tumor which makes patients recover faster from an operation and reduces the chance of development of complications. This system will bring a better quality of medical service and results in a healthier society.